“You’re Amazing!”

The following is a guest post by Joshua Fischer, in support of an outstanding cause:


I belong to a remarkable little church that believes in giving it all away.  In 21 years we have never passed an offering plate (except when it started out full and was meant to be emptied).  Instead the church has chosen to model itself as an example to its members that it doesn’t matter how much you have or don’t have, there’s more to be gained by giving it away.

Eight years ago the church acquired the abandoned, dilapidated and yet still historical Grove Theater in Oak Ridge.  With the generous help of many organizations and individuals interested in the revitalization and restoration of Oak Ridge and its historic landmarks, we were able to make remarkable progress toward returning the Grove Theater to a usable venue.  In keeping with the church’s core values, we have never charged any group for the use of the facility.  Many of the groups who use the Grove Theater have voluntarily and generously helped with donations of money, technology and hard work to help us improve and maintain it.  However, the needs of a facility this size have kept the resources of our small congregation perpetually stretched very thin.  There has been the discussion of implementing a small fee for use of the facility that could help defray some of the expenses directly related to the building, but we hoped for a better solution.  And, selfishly, as the person responsible for managing the calendar for the Grove Theater, one of my favorite questions to answer is “How much do you charge?”  I’d hate to have to add a dollar amount to my answer.

That’s when one of our church elders approached the rest of the church with an idea… a challenge.  That Sunday morning she had most of the church’s money in an envelope and she was going to give it away… to us.  We were each challenged to take as much of the money as we thought we could use.  Then find a way to apply our own personal talents and skills and see if we couldn’t make it grow.

I happen to like designing pop-up greeting cards.  So, I decided to design one for this.  I used the money I got from the church to buy the supplies and set to work making cards.  I wanted to make a card that was uplifting and multipurpose, all handmade and had a bird on it (for Portlandia fans).  Now I’m asking if anyone would like to buy one.

-Each card is 5.5” square and comes in a 6” square white envelope.

-The red bird seen on the front of the card flies out of the card to the right as the card is opened trailing a banner that reads “You’re amazing!”

-Each card is $9 and for another $1 each I will pack and ship the card(s) anywhere in the U.S.

-ALL proceeds from the sale of the card will go to helping keep the historic Grove Theater available to the community for free.

To buy online: (good route if you’re not local to Oak Ridge/Knoxville)


To contact me: (to buy locally and avoid shipping fee and/or to ask questions)

Joshua Fischer



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