You’re a Bit Goofy…

eyesOkay, let’s do an experiment…

Using the voice of Wimpy (of Popeye fame), say this phrase “You’re a bit goofy, aren’t you?”

Now,using the voice of Anna Smith Bates (of Downton Abbey fame), say this phrase “You’re a bit goofy, aren’t you, Mr. Bates?”

Now, using the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire, say this phrase “You’re a bit goofy, aren’t you, Dearie?”

One last thing, using the voice of Mr. T, say this phrase “You’re a bit goofy, ain’t you, Fool?”

Now, as instructed on the shampoo bottle, rinse and repeat.  Repeat them all over again in the same order.

All done?  Good!

Now, I want you to take a mental step back and acknowledge that you’ve been repeating essentially the same phrase over and over in the voices of other characters.


I reconnected with an old friend recently and asked when she and her husband were ever going to start aging.  They were high school sweethearts and look very much the same today as they did so many years ago.  She thanked me for the compliment and offered that they are “still as goofy as ever.”  That made me laugh.  They were/are goofy, and I love that about them!

It made me look around, not only at my own behaviors, at how the people in my life act and try to find the goofy in the people in my life.  Sure enough, I found that there is some goofy, but I found a lot of opportunity for goofy, too.

We owe it to ourselves and the folks around us to be a little bit goofy sometimes.  It makes us laugh and reminds us that life is way too short to take it too seriously.

So, that’s my simple challenge to us this week.  Be goofy.  Sing in your car.  Cross your eyes at someone.  Laugh for no other reason than the happiness needs to get outside of you and into the world.  Goose a security guard at the bank (kidding…  DON’T do this).

Oh, and as my mom used to tell me… Careful with those crossed eyes.  They’ll stay that way!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

4 thoughts on “You’re a Bit Goofy…

  1. Hahah, thanks Mr. Goofy! The art of being happy lies in the power to be silly and goofy in common things. Blessings to you, Mike.

  2. I’m terrible at this — a result from the combined effects of my stern Dad and military training — but you’re absolutely right. I’m going to try to loosen up more in the coming days and weeks!

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