Would you be willing to give up everything you have for everything you want?










I posted this as a quote a little while back, because I thought it was a great quote.  

It has haunted me ever since.

Since I put this out there, I’ve found myself coming back to it time and time again and really considering the question.  The truth is that we MUST give up everything we have for everything we want.  If we don’t, then we’ll never have what we truly want.

For example(s):

  • If we want success in our business, we must give up bad habits that keep us from being successful.
  • If we want success in our relationships, we must give up making excuses for not nurturing our relationships.
  • If we want to have good health, we must abandon bad habits that lead to poor health.
  • If we want to become proficient at playing the harpsichord, we must practice that skill and stop using television to fill our available time.
  • If we want to have a stronger relationship with God, we must focus more on reasons to believe instead of not.

One of the problems is that we get hung up on the “giving up” of something.  We feel like we’ll miss the security of what we have once we let it go.  I read a passage the other day that said “You can’t serve two masters.”  That means we can’t hold on to both of them.  In order to move forward and get what we want, we have to open the other hand and let go of the thing that’s tethering us to our soon-to-be history.

Giving up, or letting go of, something that anchors us can be uncomfortable, but it can also allow us to be free.  When we’re free, we’re more creative.  We’re more adventurous.  We’re more capable.  We can run without an anchor holding us down!

So, run!  RUN!  The faster you get momentum, the faster you’ll break that tether and never look back!  Everything that’s keeping you from being the best version of you is fair game.  If it’s an unhappy job situation, let it go!  If it’s a broken and painful relationship, free yourself up to find love and nurturing!  If it’s silly habits that allow you to procrastinate and waste precious days where you could be making a difference, let them go!

I am most interested in how YOU would answer the question.  Would you be willing to give up everything you have for everything you want?  Tell me in the Comments section below!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

4 thoughts on “Would you be willing to give up everything you have for everything you want?

  1. I’m working toward it… sort of… much too slowly. Gonna take a 2 x 4 and pound the hell out of Procrastination and Fear. Excellent article, Mike… thank you.

  2. this is something ive done time and time again yet seem to fall back into the same old jerry even after years of persistant work towards the betterment.

      1. all remeber your either workin for your dream or your working against them there is no in the middle

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