Why I Went Virtual



Over the past several years, I have worked with clients in a myriad of mediums.  I have sat down in a room with individuals. I have worked with teams on-site.  I have worked with individuals and teams on the phone, and I have worked with people connected via video.

In all of these interactions, I am gratified to have had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing journeys that have resulted in tangible difference for a lot of people.  Being there as people turn on their own lights and step out of the dark has been extremely rewarding for me.

Throughout all of these interactions, the chief suggestion I have received is that video and phone access be made more widely available to all of my clients.  After thinking through the phone and video mediums and considering the success my clients have had using them, I have decided to move my practice exclusively to these methods of work.

In addition to saving clients expense and time of travel it will also make me far more efficient at time management and allow me to work with more people!  Coaching with clients has become one of my favorite activities.  Using technology in this way allows me to spend more time working with you and less time on the run.

In fact, I was listening to NPR recently and heard an article that discussed the growing popularity of working with online therapists.  One of the suggestions was that clients are actually more comfortable working over video from the comfort of their own environment.  That echoes what I hear from my clients.  Here is a link to that article on NPR:


So, if you’re already engaged with me in video or via phone, nothing changes.  If not, please check out the “Video” link at the top of my site to learn how.  Feel free click the “Schedule Now” button to the left to schedule a time to meet.  As always, remember that YOU set my fee. 

I look forward to working with you in this new virtual environment! Tomorrow Begins Today.

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