Why Do Others Follow You?

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This is for the leaders among us.

First of all, what makes you a leader?  Are you a leader because you have children?  Are you a leader because you started a small business and have been fortunate enough to hire employees?  Are you a leader because someone hired you to lead their team?  Maybe you are a leader because a group, church, or some other organization has entrusted you to take charge of a group or project?

Regardless of the reasons, if you find yourself in the critical position of inspiring others,

So, why do others follow you?  Do they follow you because not doing so means they would otherwise be unemployed?  Do they follow you because you are inspiring?  Do others follow you because you are a positive and affirming supporter?  As a leader, you have a powerful responsibility and privilege to determine WHY others follow you.  Even if your leadership is serving those who work for you, you still determine the reasons people follow you.you have a great responsibility to consider how your decisions affect those whom you serve.  When even a single person looks to you for direction, your words and actions serve as an example written in ink, not pencil.  Your choices become a roadmap for others to follow.  Your attitudes and reactions become the litmus test for how others will respond and perform.

Leaders should inspire.  We should lift up those around us and shine light on their unique talents and strengths.  We should demonstrate their greatness, even when they cannot see it.  In doing so, we uncover each other’s individual brand.  We empower each other to grow, take ownership, and succeed.

How do you lead in your life, and how does it impact those around you?

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