Why Aren’t You Growing?

Think of your career as a living organism. 

Living organisms need food and water to grow.  If I don’t nourish my body, it will die.  With that in mind, your growth in your career is entirely dependent on your feeding it.  Do you feel like you’ve reached your pinnacle in your career?  You haven’t.  You have reached a place, but you’ve not completed your journey.

Listen to me…  talking to you like I know you.  Perhaps I do.

Whether you are an hourly custodial worker or a CEO who leads a team of thousands, there is more for you to learn, and there are lots of ways for you to do it.  Let’s explore a few examples:


The fact that you’re reading this article tells me that you are able to read.  That said, keep reading!  There is so much material available in a multitude of forms that there is no excuse for anyone not to read and better educate ourselves about virtually any topic we choose.  Looking for better communication skills? It’s there!  Looking for ways to develop better team building skills?  It’s there!  Looking to embark on a whole new career path?  It’s there!


Believe it or not, someone has probably “been there” before and would love to help you navigate the waters of what you’re facing.  Networking with others promotes a type of fellowship that, at the very least, will reassure you that you’re not alone.  Embarking on unchartered waters produces feelings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  Having a peer group that can provide support and direction can empower us to do more and to do it better.


Athletes and musicians alike will tell you that “It takes practice.”  It’s true in their chosen disciplines, and it’s true in yours.  In order to improve your skills, you have to put them into practice.  Is it team building?  Start working on your team’s cooperative efforts today.  Get down in the dirt with them and figure out what their unique challenges are.  Show them how to break down barriers to cohesion and start building each other up.  Is it public speaking?  Get in on some open mic nights and take your skills to the street.

READ to learn.  NETWORK for input of your peers.  PRACTICE to improve.

Feed yourself to improve your skills, and you’re going to be amazed at the transformation from the inside out!  I promise!  Tomorrow begins today.


4 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Growing?

  1. if your career is dead in the water, and not helping you and others, check Mike’s credentials. Better yet, check the authentic person he is. Just go and talk with him. Wherever you are, you can go forward. And read his blog. Just a sample of his considerable ability to reframe your worldview to work for you, and those you love. There is dignity in work. Make sure you are doing something worthwhile that empowers you. It’s great to have someone in your corner. Mike is solid. Period.

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