What Would You Say?

popLast Wednesday the news came that Pop had “up and left” over night on Tuesday evening.

What a sweetly sad thing to learn while in a hotel in Phoenix for a wedding this last week.  At once, you have to reconcile the feelings of sadness with the joy for Pop that he is reunited with the love of his life, Dot (aka Nanny).  After many active and engaged years following Nanny’s departure, Pop “up and left” the other night and went to join his bride, son, and granddaughter in Heaven.

As is the style in such a large and loving family as the Fischers, wide, accepting, and loving arms reached out to lovingly alert people, family, and friends of Pop’s passing.  Included in the many threads of communication was an email to let the core Fischer family know that there was to be a gathering at Pop’s house on Friday night (ritualistically the monthly gathering place for “First Friday at Pop’s”) to share stories, memories, laughs, and generous offerings of tears, referred to in this case as “4th Friday at Pop’s.”

Of specific note to me was that Pop’s email address was included in the thread to invite the family to gather and love on each other (kind of sweet to imagine that Pop would delay his eternal reunion to gather one last time to love on his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and reassure them of the sweetness of his passing).  Nevertheless, it reminded me of the hundreds of times I feel like I’ve heard many people say something akin to “I only wish I had been able to tell him/her ________________________”

So, without asking permission, I’m taking the liberty to invite you to send a thought to Pop.  It doesn’t have to be Pop Fischer.  You can send an unspoken thought or sentiment to anyone you miss, anyone who “up and left” without the benefit of knowing how you felt, or anyone who no longer walks the earth and deserves to know how you truly felt about them.  I’ve created a special email address for this project, and all email sent will remain confidential (unless you specifically grant permission for it to be shared).  So, if you have something to say that it’s time you said, please feel free to send a note to: ItsTimeISaid@gmail.com.  Feel free to send away.

In the meantime, please know that Pop was an amazing man with an unlimited capacity for love and acceptance.  He is truly missed by a wide and diverse community of friends and family.  Please keep the Fischer family in your thoughts as we all move forward, healing as a large, loving, and blessed family.

Tomorrow Begins Today.


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