What Would You Do Differently If You Knew You Were Going To Die?

ChoicesGuess what?  You are! At this very moment, you are on the road to an eventual earthly end.  We all are.  The real questions at hand are:

  • “What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?”
  • “What do you need to do to to make that happen?”
  • “Are you doing it?”

These questions bring a ton of clarity to life, don’t they?  So, we get mired in hate relationships, petty grudges, bad moods, temporary ill feelings, laziness, drunkenness, worry, dread, and a gazillion other roadblocks that pop up between us and the reality we *wish* we had.  We allow that, and then our landscape map suddenly completely changes to a different direction.  The forward/upward momentum that it takes to accomplish our goals is now stuck behind a wall of distraction.

Someone told me recently that they were in a collective downward pull.  That’s the thing about gravity.  It pulls us down.  As long as our feet are on the ground, we’re subject to gravity and everything that goes up requires effort and energy.  The same is required for anything that moves forward versus stands still.  It requires effort and energy.  How do we remedy a collective downward pull?  With a collective push!  Everyone in the collective (whether office, family, church family, neighborhood, community, or whatever your group) has to take a moment to honestly ask themselves these three questions and adjust their behavior accordingly.

I read a great piece the other day about the Pursuit of Happiness entitled “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex an Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps.”  According to the author, Kate Bartolotta, the 8 tips toward achieving these things are as follows:

  1. Stop believing your bullshit.
  2. Be happy now.
  3. Look at the stars.
  4. Let people in.
  5. Stop with the crazy making.
  6. Learn to apologize.
  7. Practice gratitude.
  8. Be kind.

The article goes into far greater detail on each of these topics, and I really liked her perspectives on these tips.  Here is a link to her article. I was also viewing a TED Talk recently, where Mark Bezos does a fantastic job of spelling out the importance of doing what we can do TODAY.  Here is a link to Mark’s talk.  

Do you get that there’s a common theme brewing here?  It’s time to DO.  Every single minute that you wait or remain distracted is a moment in history that you squandered.  

Remember….. we’re dying.   Tomorrow Begins Today.

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