What Is Really Important?

Walking on the red carpetSeems like a simple question, doesn’t it?  

How sure are you of the answer?

It’s funny how many people I talk to who have not yet decided what the answer is.  Is it money?  Is it prestige?  Is it the legacy that you’ll leave behind when you no longer cast a shadow?  Is it playing in a water hose?

Have you ever had one of those experiences that seems to put everything in perspective for you?  Was it the loss of a loved one?  Was it a near-death experience?  Have you ever seen someone who is facing trials far greater than your own and thought “You know, I really don’t have it all that bad?

Have you ever known someone who seems to have their priorities in order and a firm grasp on what’s important to them?  Were you jealous?  The confidence that comes with knowing precisely where you’re supposed to be and what your supposed to believe and how you’re supposed to act is tangible.  I know quite a few of these types of people, and I am in awe of them.

I suppose the real question, in my mind, is “How can we maintain a healthy perspective at all times that will make sure we’re contributing to what’s truly important at all times?”  In other words, how do we maintain the certainty that overcame us when we caught a glimpse of our true priorities?

I suppose the answer should be simple, like “Just do it” or  “Just stop getting weighed down by trivial details and do what really matters.”  We don’t, though.  We crawl back into the teacup, grip the disc in the middle of the ride, give it a firm hoist, and we start spinning around at a break-neck speed until we’re thrown back against the seat and slave to the centrifugal force we’ve created.

What if we stopped?  What if we started every day with a mantra of sorts, a commitment to importance, an honor-bound promise to invest ourselves where we see true value in our lives?  What if we set a reminder to stop the ride at specific times every day to remind ourselves what truly matters to us?

Let’s do that!  

People matter to me.  How we impact each other matters to me.  How I can help create positive change for other people matters to me.  The power I have to change a life matters to me.  These are the words that I’ll use to begin my day each day and to remind myself throughout the day to realign my thinking to better prioritize my actions.  What will your words be?  I’d like to know.

Next, we’ll discuss the power of persistence in achieving our goals.

In the meantime, Do Good.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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