Are You Thriving?

thriveWell, are you?

In order to thrive, we must be passionate about what we’re doing.  We have to get out of bed with a vigor for what we’re doing today.  We must have a plan for the day that, when finished, results in boxes checked and results.  Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine if you’ve positioned yourself to truly thrive in your life:

  1. Are you passionate about what you do?
  2. Is there something about which you are passionate that you do better than anyone else?
  3. Do others come to you to discuss or ask questions about your passions?
  4. Does your head hit the pillow at night with new ideas for what will come tomorrow?
  5. What are you known for?

These are great beginning topics for ascertaining whether you have done what you need for yourself to be empowered to thrive.  Be passionate about something that’s important!  Seek deep within yourself to truly know what matters to you and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Be an expert.  When you determine what your passions really are, educate yourself feverishly and frequently.  Study, practice, and become the best at what you do.

Let people know.  Make sure people are aware of your passions and your drive to succeed.  When people see and hear you thriving in your chosen discipline, they will be drawn to you to discuss and seek advice on your chosen passion.

When you’re truly thriving, the ideas seem endless at times.  Just like a writer will sometimes suffer writer’s block, there are also times that the ideas, topics, plot lines, etc. flow like water from a fireman’s hose.  Take advantage of those times and get things down in writing.  Keep a journal by your bed to capture those ideas that sometimes sneak in between lights out and sleep time.

In the end, we all seek to be known for something.  As experts in our subject matter who thrive in pursuit of our passions, we become the go-to individuals for so many of those around us.  Own it!  Let people know who you are and what you do.  Make sure people associate you with your passion and KNOW YOU for how you thrive there.

Finally, when the opportunities arise for you to thrive, do it.  If you are passionate about something, grab it by the horns then ride it to complete success.

You are worthy of success, and only you can disallow it from coming to you.  So, go get it!  It’s yours!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

2 thoughts on “Are You Thriving?

  1. Great post, Mike. I can’t disagree with a single thing you wrote, and it reminds me how fired up I was when I first launched the biz back in ’04.

    Do you have any suggestions to dealing with burn out?

    1. Hey, Stan! Thanks for the remarks! I do have some specific suggestions related to burn out. I’ll message you privately to discuss further!


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