The Value of a Long-Range Project

roadI am a huge believer in having a long-range project in the hopper at all times.  Here’s why:

1. Having a long-range project helps us to fill voids that otherwise lead to complacency and down-time fatigue.  Have you noticed that when your to-do list is completed, every box is checked, that you get bored?  Have you noticed that when you come to this place that you can feel tired and listless?  There’s a reason.  We’re meant to be engaged.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m also a fan of relaxing, meditating, praying, however you choose to characterize it.  BUT, we’re not always benefitting from wandering aimlessly.  Having a long-range project means that we always have something we can do to further our goals.

2. A long-range project is a “Facebook Buster.”  In the absence of anything else to do in the world, we’ll turn to mindless activities that fail to nurture our minds and allow us to experience a feeling of accomplishment.  Admit it.  You’ve labored through a work day (or even a Saturday) and realized that you accomplished very little.  Imagine developing a project that cannot possibly be completed in a day (or week, or month).  That project is your self-assigned elephant which you will slowly consume by filling those moments of emptiness with activity.

3. Long-range projects are made up of smaller, short-range goals.  When we set a goal and accomplish it, we experience satisfaction in that accomplishment.  In order to feel our forward-moving momentum, we must accomplish and conquer.  That comes from the “tiny wins” that accumulate to conquer long-range projects.  Every time the red ink creeps up to fill the proverbial thermometer of a project, we breathe a little deeper, puff our chests out a little further and demonstrate to ourselves that we are DOING.

4. Our lives matter.  Establishing and achieving long-term projects and goals allows us to paint a picture of our life stories.  In Jon Acuff’s new book, Punch Fear in the Face | Escape Average | Do Work that Matters | START, he meticulously spells out his formula for achieving awesomeness.  He suggests, with compelling certainty, that the choices we make every day determine whether we’re on the road to average or the road to Awesome.  I assert that we tell the story of our accomplishments through what we create and achieve.

Begin today.  Decide on a long-term project that matters.  Identify an ideal you’d like to realize and map it out.  Then start DOING.

I would love to hear how and what you’re creating to sustain and satisfy long-term goals and projects.  Feel free to comment below. Tomorrow Begins Today.

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