The Power of Proactivity

doerI’m not talking about the proactivity we embark upon, because someone told us to.  I’m talking about true proactivity that you tackle with a vengeance, because you know it’s the right thing to do.

Over and over and over and over and over again, I find myself in conversation with someone who is supremely frustrated with how life is treating them.For one reason or another or another or another (The list goes on and on), unfortunate things happen to them, and they can’t seem to “get a break.”  When I ask them what they’re actually DOING, the truth often finds its way into the conversation.


Now, “Nothing” is rarely what comes out of the other person’s mouth, but “waiting” and “trying” and “hoping” all translate the same in that context.  It’s “Nothing.”  How sad would it be to wake up one day and realize we’ve “hoped” our way through a dissatisfying and unfulfilled life?  By no means do I believe that hope has no place in our lives, but (Tweet that)

  • We can hope that our income goes up. “If only those guys I work for would realize my true value.”
  • We can hope that our company grows. “One of these days, it’s gonna take off.”
  • We can hope to find true love. “I know someone’s out there looking for me.”
  • We can hope to have better health. “If only I could eat better.”

In all of this, the truth remains that nothing happens until we DO IT.  Successful people are DOERS.  If you’re wondering “why,” then you’re already doing the wrong thing.  Wondering is a victim mentality.  Doing is action.  Doing is solving.  Doing is growing.

  • Don’t just complain about the job you don’t want.  Change it!  Go find or make the job that gets you excited!  
  • Don’t just lament that you’re in a ton of debt.  Build yourself a budget, stick to the budget, and get out of debt!  
  • Don’t just worry about whether your sales numbers are going to come in on target.  Hustle and make the numbers come to you!

We have one life to live on this earth.  There’s no excuse for living a life of complacency.  There’s no excuse for able-bodied, intelligent people to languish as victims.  We must be proactive if we are going to change our lives.  Waiting for someone else to change your life is what prisoners do.  Who would imprison themselves in such a way?  We’re free, and we owe it to ourselves to live like we’re free!

Last thought, if you’re not being proactive, because you’re scared of something like failure or rejection or people, S-T-O-P    I-T!  People are just people, and failure is not permanent.  Failure is part of growth.  Without failure, you will never grow.  As far as being afraid, step back and read this thought on fear.

Be supremely successful by being supremely proactive.  You owe this to yourself.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Proactivity

  1. Mike,

    You are truly a gem and one of my favorite Executive Business Advisers., Proactive people have a major fault…we make it look easy We have a passion for who we are, for those around us and the killer break through! Once we have sometime in our sights, we go for it! Sometimes viewed a maze finding the pieces of the puzzle to create the killer breakthrough – it takes determination, hard work, a lot of luck,and a wonderful smart group of people we surround ourselves that humor us when we are not making any sense…dare I say mad scientist? Somehow, someway we find a solution and move on to the next project. We have fun, love life, and live with passion!


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