The Gift I Gave Myself This Year

TWR-ManifestoAs a coach my time is best spent talking with people.  I want to be in front of people probing and asking questions to take people to new places.

When I’m attending to administrative tasks, and and I’m having a conversation about money or calendaring or anything that’s really not working directly with the client, I’m not in my element. So, this Fall I gave myself a gift. I decided that I would no longer have a published rate for the services that I offer. Admittedly this put a lot of question marks in the eyes of my clients and prospective clients, but the end result is very exciting and works very well for me and my clients.

I got the idea from the registration information for the Storyline Conference that I attended this fall in Nashville, Tennessee. The basic premise was that people who wanted to attend the conference could set their own rate, versus paying the requested rate that has historically been charged for the conference. The idea was that Donald Miller, the creator and host of the conference, didn’t want people not to participate because they couldn’t afford to pay the fee. That’s precisely how I feel when it comes to my coaching practice. {Tweet that}

As a result, instead of having an uncomfortable conversation at any point in the coaching process about how much someone is going to have to pay for us to work together, I begin the conversation by telling a prospective client    My client knows his or her budget and what they can afford better than I do. Because of that, they know what they can comfortably pay for the time that we spend together.

DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL!  I recently stumbled upon a website called  The spirit of this movement + campaign speaks to me directly.  It is keenly in line with Donald Miller’s desire for himself and others to “Save many lives.”  I have included The Work Revolution Manifesto as a graphic in this email and have a link for you to download it here.  In essence, the manifesto states that “Profit is not the point of busine$$.”  It further states that “Business exists to create something valuable for the world.”  Nicely stated!

Ultimately, I don’t expect to leave an indelible financial mark on the world.  Sure, I like what we are able to afford with money.  I like making money.  I like spending money, and I like giving money away!  Those things are fun for me, and I like being able to do them.  In the end, however, it is the impact I am able to have on another life that matters most to me.  If I can help someone find and pursue their passion, or I can help someone get their company re-directed in a profitable and healthy direction, or I can help someone come to terms with their brokenness, or I can help someone work past lonely and toward meaningful relationships in their life, I’m doing work that matters.  George Bailey says, of his father, in It’s a Wonderful Life,  “In my book he died a far richer man than you’ll ever be!”  He says this to Henry F. Potter, the “richest man in town.”  George was right.

I need your help:  No matter where you live, no matter how we communicate (in person, via phone, via video, via email), I would love the opportunity to work with you.  Help me enjoy the gift I’ve given myself this year.  Help me to leave the mark I want to leave in this world.  Contact me today to set a time to get together and create real and lasting results in your life.  

Tomorrow Begins Today.

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