Stop Waiting!

Believe it or not, I struggled with the title of this article.  I know, right?

I get frustrated with myself sometimes that I often seem to be looking ahead past something.  In my own anxiety, I find myself looking around some corner toward something else.  I believe in hope, and I believe we all need something we anticipate (i.e., vacation, holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc.).  The problem is what happens to that corner we’re peering around to see hope.  That corner is a chunk of our life that we’re straining to see around and get past.

In his book, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle discusses with us the virtues of living the moment we are in.  He asserts that stress and anxiety are machinations we create for ourselves that, in actuality, do not exist.  My take on this is that by living in anticipation of getting past something, we’re robbing ourselves of the moment we are in.

If we persist in craning our necks to see past the events of our lives, we never get to appreciate the absolutely incredible moments that we are meant to experience.  We’re missing the opportunities with which we’re presented each and every day to better ourselves and those around us.  We’re depriving ourselves and others of our true presence in any given encounter.  How much richer will our relationships be when we wrestle against the distraction of getting past and focus on the myriad of opportunities staring us right in the eye?

I follow the writing of a blogger named Mike Lindstrom.  Mike is a Methodist pastor in Pasadena, Texas.  In a recent article entitled Living In Grace, Mike talks about the story of a young mom named Megan whose life was ended at 28 with cancer.  I have included a link to his post here, but I was touched by her story of living a full life in a short period of time.  My interpretation of her story is that she wasn’t living to get past something.  She was living her life intentionally.  I can’t say for sure how much of that was due to her illness, but what if it was?  What if we all rolled out of bed each day as though we were intent on getting the absolute most out of every single day that we could?

Let’s do it!  Let’s leave a legacy of grace!  Let’s cherish every moment and Live Like We Are Dying!  Tomorrow Begins Today.



2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting!

  1. Mike-

    Whenever someone asks, as it seems I’m asked almost countless times each day, “Robin, how are you?” — regardless of what’s been happening, I respond the same way every single time, “It’s the best day of my life.”

    I know most of us don’t listen to the other person afterwe ask, “How are you?” It’s an obligatory, a polite salutation, in so many cases. And while they’re answering, we’re too busy thinking how we’ll answer, to hear what they are saying. We ask then tune them out.

    In my case, I’ve accepted that is just how it is, and I know most of the time, as I answer my socially appropriate questioner, I’m just talking a little self-talk to myself. So with my answer I remind myself, “It’s the best day of my life.” It never hurts my feelings to hear it. It’s leveling. It helps me dismiss the mundane meaningless and focus on the worth-savoring meaningful. Helps me not miss a thing that’s going good around me.

    I also enjoy the wonder on some folks faces when they hear, “It’s the best day of my life.” One day at a time.

    Thanks for writing, Mike. You have some genius in you, friend.

    T. Robin Cole, III
    The Rite Group
    Jackson, MO

    1. I love your perspective and resolve to impact those around you in a positive and affirming way, Robin! Outstanding! Thanks for the kind remarks. ~Mike

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