Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Occasionally, I turn a discerning eye toward several parts of my life to find areas where I can remove clutter, simplify my processes, commit to stop saving things I don’t need, and make my life easier.  I have been in that mode for a while now, and I am gratified every day by the things I have done that make my life cleaner and easier to navigate.

To make my illustrations clear, I’m going to list two specific things that I have cleaned up lately:

  • My home computer was a bulky PC with dual 24″ monitors.  All of that high-powered computing (largely web surfing, Evernote filing system, and Quicken) now takes place on a compact and portable MacBook Air.  I have written before about the benefits of Evernote, and that has eliminated all email folders (work and personal) and bloated document storage space (work and personal).  My work space is now clear of all clutter, and the addition of a ScanSnap scanner has also helped eliminate virtually all of the paper that used to occupy much of my desktop.
  • A home remodeling project to add an additional closet to the master bedroom had stalled a few months ago, rendering that room unavailable and little more than a throughway from a guest bedroom and the master bath for daily bathing rituals.  When I decided to restart that project two weeks ago, it was quick work to get the closet finished.  I am glad to say that it is finished, storage installed, all clothes moved (at least those that weren’t donated), and the result is a far more efficient closet that is more organized and makes it much easier to store and find clothes.

I read some blog entries by Michael “Nozbe” Sliwinski this week about his pursuit of being a Zen Minimalist Master, and he also had some good suggestions for minimizing clutter and achieving greater focus on things that matter.  I invite you to check him out.

For me, removing clutter and disorganization in my environment has a profound impact on my ability to think clearly.  In order for me to be as effective as possible in helping others to create order in their lives and goals, I need tidy solutions for my own life.  I find that I make better decisions when I have fewer “pending tasks” cluttering my mind.  It makes me more confident in my weighing of options and making choices with my clients that are cleaner and aim them solidly forward in pursuit of their goals.

I invite you to turn that discerning eye toward your environment and identify those areas that need a good old fashioned spring cleaning.  Make it a priority.  When you remove the clutter, get your resources into a system that you trust, and remove the clutter from your mind, you empower yourself to make cleaner and clearer decisions about things that are important for your life and the goals you have for yourself.

Make a game of it!  Let’s get creative and de-clutter and share the ways that we are simplifying our lives!  Then let’s share the benefits we experience as a result!  We learn from each other, so I invite you to share your experience with the rest of us!

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