I am honored to be a part of a youth camp this week that includes a thread about the importance of being quiet.

It occurs to me that this is a perfect reminder for all of us.  In the hurry of our lives, it is easy to lose sense of the importance of quiet time. We wake up to a radio on the alarm clock.  We turn on the news while the coffee brews.  We jam out to tunes (or NPR) in the car on the way to work (or better yet, talk on the cell phone).  We hurry into the office where we are bombarded with information and communication all during our work day.  We replay the car scenario at lunch and on the way home.  We talk all the way through dinner preparation and consumption, and we close the day with time in front of the television.

It’s off to bed and ready to start all of this over tomorrow…

It’s a pace that can be maddening and disallow each of us the time we really need to recharge our batteries.  I’m not talking about a vacation (although those are nice, too).  I’m talking about taking intentional down time during your day and week to be still and quiet.  As an extrovert, that used to be very difficult for me.  I felt like I was wasting time and could be doing more productive things with that time.

Truth is… It is restorative.  It allows me to spend time with ideas that otherwise just roll around in my head unintentionally.  It allows me to focus on my responsibilities, my goals, and my actionable items toward attainment of my goals.  It’s a time when I call a “time out” to the world and spend some quality time in my head.

Make it a point this week to find your quiet time while I visit with some amazing kids who will be practicing the same.

I’d love to hear how you make quiet time for yourself throughout the week.

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