Sense of Urgency

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Do you tackle life with a sense of urgency?

Do you have a personal code that includes a sense of urgency?  I am not just talking about anti-procrastination.  I mean do you have a fire within you that drives you to meet your obligations with a fervor?  Are you passionate about taking care of things quickly (and accurately)?

A Sense of Urgency can be an incredible competitive advantage in the workplace.  In David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, he suggests that if you can complete a task in two minutes or less, DO IT.  Don’t move that task into a To-Do bin.  DO IT.  Get it off the table and yourself on to your next responsibility.  To paraphrase Dave Ramsey when he speaks about getting out of debt, you have to have gazelle-like intensity.  That is a good start, but it is not the whole picture.

The people in our lives respond to our Sense of Urgency.  When I tell my customer that I will handle a task right away, and I do just that, it tells my customer that I am dead serious about taking care of them.  It tells my customer that there is nothing more important to me than taking care of them right now.  How compelling would it be if that transferred to other areas of our lives?

Imagine your husband, wife, aunt, uncle, mother, father, sister, brother, niece, or nephew asked something of you and you jumped on it with that same intensity and excitement.  Then you could report back quickly that you satisfied their need immediately.  Imagine how important that person that you love would feel knowing you jumped at the opportunity to take care of them.

Too often, we linger on the things we have left to do.  In some cases, we fear that the work we have to do will disappear if we finally clear out our To-Do bin.  The truth is that employing a Sense of Urgency will allow us to be more effective, more attractive as a business partner or companion or friend, and it will give us a non-stop feeling of accomplishment that will drive us to greater success.

Start today by using words and phrases like “You got it,” “I’m on it,” “Immediately,” “Right Now.”  Then, take the action.  It cannot be empty words.  Let your Sense of Urgency permeate every aspect of your life and watch how others react.  It will amaze you how people perceive you and respond to you when you employ a genuine Sense of Urgency.

Do you present a Sense of Urgency?  I am interested to know how it works for you.

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