Say NO To Biscuits!

biscuitWho wants a biscuit?

I knew someone historically that referred to those who live off the hard work of others as “biscuits.”  The analogy stemmed from the belief that those folks were simply sopping up the gravy that others made.  It’s a fitting analogy, in my mind, because there are so many people who are content to sit patiently and wait for life to happen to them.

It’s time for each and every one of us to take stock and take responsibility for where we are and what’s happening in and around us.  We can’t just live off the gravy that others make.   {Tweet that!}  Living and working otherwise is unfair to others and unjust to ourselves.

What do I mean by that?

  • If you need to get your resume out so that you can leave a dead-end job, don’t helplessly wait for someone you know to “get you connected.”  
  • If you need to get out of debt and make more responsible financial decisions, don’t wait for someone to “lend” you money to pay off bills.
  • If you’re responsible for generating sales, don’t wait for someone else on your team to develop leads or business for you.
  • If you need to lose weight, don’t wait for someone to develop the miracle drug that will replace hard work and effort.

Go ahead!  Make up your own!  It’s easy!

If you need to ____, don’t wait for ____.

In fact, let’s personalize it further and own the truth in the statement.  Try this on for size:

{Tweet that!}

I like that.  It’s actionable and empowered. It comes from a position of power and makes a decision.  Truth is that most of the time making a decision is powerful enough to propel us to more decisions that take us further down the road toward goal accomplishment.

So, I’m proposing a low-carb diet for our goals.  We’re no longer living a life of the humble biscuit.  We’re making our own food, and we’re going to feel so much better when we cook what we kill and eat what we cook.  A word to the vegetarians among us, please feel free to substitute “harvest” for “kill.”  I’ll make it up to you.  Here’s a recipe for Most Simple Vegetarian White Gravy!

Are you ready?  Have you decided what you’re no longer waiting for?  Have you identified your biscuitness, and are you ready to cook?  I know you are and can’t wait to hear how you’re changing your habits and actions to more proactive productivity.

Tomorrow Begins Today.

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