Run To The Fire (5YTL)

run-to-the-fireWe all know that firefighters are tasked with running into live fires.  It is an insanely difficult job, and I am glad it is not mine.  After all, the fire is where the danger is.  The fire is also where people have the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

A few years ago, when I had the pleasure of attending Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference in Nashville, I learned that a big part of his life’s mission is to “save many lives.”  He teaches that our lives are stories, and well-crafted stories have an opportunity to save many lives.  He had some great speakers at this conference, including Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms, and Bob Goff, creator of Love Does.  You can read more about each of them in through the links provided.

The fact is that these inspiring people ARE saving many lives, and I left that conference charged up and ready to make a difference in the world.  To be continued….

In our daily lives, we are often faced with trials and opportunities to run to the fire instead of shying away from it.  In my experience, the people who run to the fire most often succeed and have amazing and compelling stories to tell.  Sadly, in our fear, sometimes we do not run to the fire and are left with “what ifs.”  Those lingering questions can stick with us for years and nurture seeds of doubt that disallow us to live truly meaningful and productive lives.  They perpetuate shame.  They cause us to feel less-than, and they keep us from realizing the powerful potential we each have.

Here is my challenge for the coming week:

When you feel the heat of fire, run to it.  Before you can talk yourself off a ledge or imagine what dangers lie ahead, go in with confidence and courage.  Solve the problem.  Help the friend.  Save many lives!

I’d love to hear from you how you’re running to the fire!  Please feel free to share your story!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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