Fire Up Your Pressure Washer!

pressureI love to use a pressure washer.

I can’t tell you if it’s because I’m impatient and love instant gratification or if I truly admire the fact that a messy past can be erased clean with the pass of a wand.  Perhaps it’s a combination of the two, but I do love the scraped clean effect brought about with that magical device.

Over the course of time, we tend to develop work and life habits that don’t contribute to our greatest success.  Whether it’s idle chatter, wasteful gossip, a nightly television ritual, boredom (not to be mistaken for intentionally scheduled down time), well-placed hatred, speculation, or a myriad of other habits (You know your own specific brand), we gradually (or instantly in terms of Candy Crush addiction) erode our good intentions and become something less than what we’d like to be.

We put that goal on hold in favor of less meaningful instant gratification that we believe, in the moment, is more pleasurable to us.  Why?   {Tweet That}  Is it out of an insecurity that we might actually fail at our dreams, and delaying them delays our eventual failure?    Is it because we lack direction in pursuit of our goals, and we feel like we don’t actually know the next step to take?  Is it because we’re lazy (What?  Me lazy?  I’m gonna get you back for that… tomorrow)?

We’re far, far better than that, and you’ve seen that in yourself hundreds of times before!  Remember when you’d been putting off a dreaded task for a long time and finally convinced yourself to just do it?  Remember how it felt to get that task behind you and put a giant CHECK in that To-Do box?  That’s the feeling that I’m talking about. It’s crawling out of bed, rinsing the fuzz out of your eyes, and looking at EVERYTHING from a fresh perspective.

So, it’s time to pull out the machine.  Plug it up to power.  Connect to the water source.  Turn on the water.  Pull the trigger, and start erasing unproductive habits.  Look at every aspect of your life and subject it to your newly convicted filter.

I was told “We need to do something more inspiring in the evenings” recently. Do you need to do something more inspiring?  If so, {Tweet that}

If you’re sincerely crushing bad habits and replacing them with goal-oriented action, I’d love to hear about it.  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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