Positive Is Profitable (And Happy)

“So, you just forgot to get the other box?”

Having just explained in great detail how I picked up a box that was shelved in the wrong bin, I was faced with two choices.  I could re-explain the true events of my repeat visit to this establishment in my two precious weekend days, or I could just agree with the clerk’s assessment of my dilemma.  It was Sunday afternoon, and my three hour commute to Atlanta had already been stretched to five hours due to an event on I-75 that shut down all six southbound lanes.  My patience was at its tether, and I was growing severely bankrupt in grace.

What is usually an exciting trip to visit a store that has no location in my state had turned into a chore, and I really needed a smiling, friendly customer service experience to validate my frustrations.  Alas, it was not to be.  In fact, after telling me to “wait over there” and that the clerk would let me know when my replacement product was retrieved from the warehouse, as I walked toward the seating area, I heard him tell his coworker that he was taking his lunch. What?  You’re going to let me know when my box gets up here…  from the lunch room?

My friend, Josette, is a lesson in grace, customer service, and sales.  Josette worked for years as a custom framer.  The surliest among us would find their way into the framing business where she worked and find themselves leaving in a chipper mood and with a far thinner wallet than that with which they had arrived.  Josette has a gift.  Unfailingly positive, she is the epitome of effective customer service.  Never mind that she is genuinely contagiously happy, Josette understands that her disposition is in direct correlation to her success.  

Whether you’re working in a drive-thru window or performing open heart surgery, you have an obligation to represent yourself and your employer in a positive light.  Yes, I can walk away from your counter with a meal, but if I also walk away impressed with the personality and service with which it is delivered, I am far more likely to come back.  This is good for your employer and likely means good things in terms of your continued employment.

Let’s start today to have a positive impact on those we meet on a daily basis.  Let’s make it our goal to see how many smiles we can solicit throughout the day.  It is true that when we present ourselves in a positive way, we are actually happier and enjoy our work more.  Ask yourself now what you can do today to have a positive impact on someone else.  Now, do it!  

I would love to hear examples of something you’re doing to have an intentional positive impact!

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