Please excuse yourself from the excuses.

Do you remember when your parents demanded that you had to be excused from the dinner table?

Well, I’m giving you permission to be excused from the excuses you’ve been giving for not achieving your goals.  Right now!  Get up from the table and walk away.  Leave the leftover excuses on your plate.

We’ve all done it.  I can’t ask her out, because (fill in the blank).  I can’t start a new exercise regimen, because (fill in the blank).  I can’t get more customers, because (fill in the blank).  Now, substitute the “can’t” with “haven’t.”  Perhaps you just haven’t.  In either case, these excuses are self-limiting, and they do nothing but offer a definition of you to the world that you Can’t.

So, here is the list for today.  This is your “Can List” of questions to filter your ideas through before you subject them to the “Can’t List:”

  1. What is your idea or goal?
  2. What roadblocks have gotten in the way of your accomplishing this before now?
  3. What are you willing to do to accomplish this goal?
  4. How will you work through or around roadblocks to accomplish this goal?
  5. What will it feel like to accomplish this goal?
  6. What can you do daily toward accomplishing this goal?

You see?  You’ve already drawn out a roadmap toward this goal without ever subjecting it to the “Can’t List.”  It is said that we are our own worst critics, and it’s true that we subject ourselves to far higher scrutiny that others.  Why is that?  It’s because we know ourselves far better than anyone else, and we know better than anyone the limitations we have imposed upon our own abilities.

Go ahead!  Take one goal that has been relegated to the “Can’t List” and put it to the test.  Subject it to the “Can List” and see what creative ways you come up with to move from “Can’t” to “Can.”  Just like no one knows you better than you do yourself, no one can imagine what you’re capable of more than yourself.

Share!  What are you moving from “Can’t” to “Can?”


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