No Comparisons!

compareIt’s human nature, and we often cannot help ourselves.  We find ourselves comparing ourselves to others, their gifts, and their accomplishments.  It’s toxic.

Too often, we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others instead of establishing our own goals and measuring our successes to our own standards.  It’s time we stopped comparing and started achieving.  I have put together a brief list of areas where we tend to compare ourselves to others:

Body Image | We get one body.  These come in all shapes and sizes.  Comparing bodies is the work of media magazines and supermodels.  Whether you’re tall, short, heavy, thin, ripped, or puny, be who you are.  Got a few extra pounds you’d like to lose?  Set a goal for a healthier lifestyle and get rid of those LBs!  Do you want to be stronger and have greater muscle mass?  Set a goal for a workout program that can get you to your goals and go for it!  Do you want to be taller?  Do something kind for someone in need and see if that doesn’t make you walk a little taller!

Financial Status | One of the truest truths in the world is that one can never be happy until one learns to be happy where they are.  That said, many of us have found ourselves in financial conditions that are difficult to manage.  As a big believer in Dave Ramsey’s principles for debt retirement, I believe that we all have the power to make better choices than we have before to get and stay out of debt.  It takes discipline, and it takes work, but is completely do-able.  Check out Dave’s site and read his book, “The Total Money Makeover.”  Better yet, check his site for a Financial Peace University class near you and enroll.  It is a life changing course.

Success Attainment | Success is different for each of us.  What I consider success may look very different from what you believe is measured in your success.  This is one of the most important areas where people tend to fail themselves in comparison to others.  Before you can determine your level of success, you must first decide (ahead of time) what parameters you’ll use to measure it.  It’s called a Life Plan, and you need one.  We all do!

Relationship Status | “Their relationship is so healthy.”  “I am so lonely without another person in my life.” “They never fight like we do.”  There are so many views of others’ relationships that make the grass always greener.  If you’re in a relationship, fuel it!  Feed it!  Fill each other up to overflowing until your love pours out of your eyes and ears.  If you’re not in a relationship, first decide if you want to be.  If the answer is yes, make yourself available.  I know this can be especially uncomfortable for the introverts among us, but I know a LOT of introverts that are in loving, committed relationships who had to put it out there at some point.  Let the world know that you come from a place of love and see what the world returns to you.

One more thought as it relates to comparing: It’s not always that we’re jealous of someone else.  Sometimes, we compare ourselves to others, because it appears we’re doing so much better.  It can be a crutch that we use to limit ourselves from doing even greater things with our lives and in our relationships.  Your goals belong to you, and they belong to no other person.  They are uniquely tailored to you and what’s good for you in your life.  We should neither adopt the goals of others or impose ours on any other person.

I’ll end with a Dr. Suess quote that I love very much:

“Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive that is youer than you.”  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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