Love Does, by Bob Goff

Love_DoesI have just finished reading a book written by Bob Goff, called Love Does.

I have to tell you that this book is inspiring.  Through a series of unfathomable stories told from his own life experiences, Bob takes us on a series of journeys that serve to share with us how he sees God in his life.  Bob informs us toward the end of this book that he’s not a writer.  He’s an attorney.  Regardless of his title, he did a fantastic job of crafting this labor of love to share inspirational tales of outlandish life experiences.

Each chapter starts with a quick statement of “I used to think…. but now I know….”  It made me think of how limiting the things we think are true can be in our lives.  Are there things in your life that you have accepted as true that don’t have to be?  Do you have self-limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you realizing your dreams?  It’s not at all uncommon, and it’s never too late to change it!  I encourage us all to spend some time with this line of questioning this week.  Ask yourself what “truths” are keeping you from moving forward.  Then, let’s create our own brand new truths to guide us to the greatness we deserve.

To add to how impressed I was with this book, I’ll make a deal with you.  Buy it.  Read it.  If you’re not inspired after reading it, I’ll buy your copy from you so I can give it to someone else.  I’ll be completely honest, I don’t expect anyone to take me up on this.  The book is just that good!

Tomorrow Begins Today.

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