Look Into My Eyes (5YTL)

SMr Rogersteady now…  We don’t want to miss a thing.

For just a little while, I want us both to agree to put down the phones.  I want us to turn off the television, turn down the music, ignore the other people around us, forget about the other attractive people in the area, disregard other voices echoing around us, and just look into each others’ eyes.

You are my friend, my coworker, my spouse, my cashier, my server, my pastor, my sibling, my customer, a child, and a stranger.  We’ve been so distracted by everything around us that we haven’t really seen each other in a long time.  From text messages, to flashy billboards, to ambient music, to email alerts, to the television in the background, to phones ringing, to overhead announcements, to thoughts about the day’s schedule and obligations, we’ve disconnected, and in this moment, we’re going to reconnect.

I want to see you as the person that you are.  I want to peel off all the labels I’ve assigned to you and acknowledge the human being that you are, with your motivations, fears, hopes, commitments, beliefs, convictions, and your passions.  I want to see you as a person and not an object.

In doing so, I want you to see me similarly.  I want you to see that I’m sometimes very vulnerable.  I’m human, so I’m also far from perfect.  Sometimes I don’t look you in the eyes, because I don’t want you to see my imperfections.  In this moment, I’m trusting you to see me fully and experience the joy that I have to share with you.  I want it to be evident to you that I’m sincerely interested in you and that I am invested in you, if only for this brief moment.

We can do this.  We can look each other in the eyes and see each other again.  We can tune out the rest of the world for a brief time and focus on each other fully.  We can forget about that Tweet we were going to send, forget about the Facebook post that we meant to Like, and trust that the Pin we wanted to Pin to our board will be there when we’re done here.

Being present here together means that we see each other fully and plainly.  How many times a day can we do this?  How much more invested and interested in each other will we be when this becomes our norm, instead of the exception?

We’re in this together.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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