Living A Life Of Passion (For John Yu)

I arrived home yesterday from a week-long vacation in Florida with wonderful friends and family.  It was a great, restful week, and I am grateful for the time spent in conversation, par-three golfing, exceptional Gulfport dining, and a couple of trips to play at the beach.

Upon arriving home, I have learned that my friend, John Yu, passed away.  John was a man who lived a life of passion.  An active supporter of area Rescue Squads, John was regularly present at the scene of virtually every emergency that required the services of Rescue Squad personnel.  He always served in a volunteer capacity and could be heard saying “We just want to bring closure to their family members.”  He was a man of conviction, and he was passionate about his causes.

It is in his honor that I write this post encouraging each of us to contemplate deeply about our passions.  You may be passionate about a specific cause, belief, career path, or a need to be filled. Please, please, please do yourself the favor of living in service to your passion.  Our passion drives us to DO and not WATCH.  It can be easy to WATCH when our lives get in the way of our passions.

Sit down now and make a list of the things that are most important to you.  Spend some time on this task.  Fine tune the list, ferreting out the precise elements that define your passion.  Carve away the parts that are tertiary to your passion, and find the nuggets of truth that really get your heart racing.  Find those singular moments in your life that really drive you and make you want to stop reading this now and go DO.

Now, you have found your passion.  You have found that/those specific thing(s) that really energize you and get you excited about living a passionate life.  Now, make a plan.  Give yourself something that you can do every day that fuels your passion.  They can be small things.  No matter.  Make it your daily goal to do something that contributes to your passion.  The effects are cumulative.

Today, as you piece together your daily plan to feed your passion, I ask you to remember my friend, John Yu.  Gone at the age of 56, I know that John lived a life of passion, and the many contributions he made to his fellow man will survive him.

I would love to know what your passion is and how you plan to make a daily contribution.

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  1. Mike thank you for this post. John was the captain of The Rescue Squad I was in. He taught me so much and will be missed by so many…

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