Living a Choice Life.

Life really is just a series of choices.


It is true that we are all where we are right now as a result of our own choices.  Far too may folks are in constant pursuit of that thing that’s just beyond the horizon.  Whether you understand it as that or as the thought that the grass is always greener, the truth is that far too many of us are focused somewhere where we are not.  It is imperative that we savor the moment we are in to get the most out of where our choices have brought us.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t aspire to do great things, but as we review the choices that brought us to where we are today, we can do great things right here and now.  Do not let the choices that you made to arrive at this place be in vain.  Greatness comes from one outstanding choice at a time.

Let’s talk about those choices that got us here.  In looking at where we are today and establishing goals for where we want to go, we need to get real honest about whether our past choices are going to serve us in attaining the future goals we have for ourselves.  If the answer is yes, congratulations!  Proceed and do great things!  

If the choices we made to get here will not, however, take us to where we want to go, then we have to make different choices.  If you are here, then start immediately.  Write your goals down on paper and read them often.  Identify the precise choices you will need to make to attain these goals and start making new choices right now.

We are the sum of our choices, and we have the right…no… wait… responsibility to make choices that will lead us to achieving.  We learn.  We adapt.  We accomplish.

This one comes from Dan Fogelberg:

“Living out this life I’ve chose and grown to know so well.”

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