Life Is A Dash (5YTL)

If TomorrowAs I age, I’m more and more aware that life is short.

Every time I learn that someone has met their end at an early age, it puts me in check and reminds me that I want to make a difference in this life of mine.  I find my center again and question the way I live my life and what I want to accomplish.  And it’s not just those who die young.  I like to listen to stories of lives that were long and full of activity and difference.  I listen to stories of accomplishment and lasting impressions, and I won’t lie.  I get a little jealous.

A purpose-driven life means that we cannot live life at a casual pace.  In Donald Miller’s “Storyline,” Donald advises that, in order to save many lives, we must find a truly meaningful purpose that transcends the mundane.  I read that, in part, as the importance of igniting our passion.

When we ignite our passion, we don’t do it in a half-hearted way.  When we ignite our passion, we do it passionately.  We do it with high test octane.  We do it with energy, enthusiasm, and bravado.  THAT is what I mean when I say life is meant to be lived in a dash.
It’s easy to forsake today for what *could* be accomplished tomorrow.  Today’s mood can result in Netflix marathons, working to stay mad at someone, guilt for past bad choices, or even “just surviving the day.”  IS that really what you want to have accomplished when the day is done?  Is that really what you want to have accomplished when your life is done?
I saw this article the other day that was written by a hospice nurse.  In it she shares the final thoughts and regrets people shared with her in their dying days.  You can read that here.  I would prefer not to live with those regrets.  Honestly, I’d prefer to have no regrets at all.  I’m working on that.
I couldn’t help myself.  I had to go back and read some more of Donald Miller’s writing while putting this together.  While reading, I learned that Donald’s mother passed away this month.  He shared her obituary in his post, and I thought I would share it here.  It is really nice and speaks of a beautiful woman who lived a beautiful life.  How My Mom Will Be Remembered, by Donald Miller 
Rest in peace, Mary Miller.  What a great life.
In the meantime, I implore you to join me in the dash.  The dash, as some know it, is the line between our birth date and our death date.  Let’s make the most of our dash.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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