Learning to Shower in Oslo (5YTL)

I was fortunate to spend a few days with some awesome folks in Oslo, Norway last week.  
It was an informative time, and it allowed me to spend some quality time with some people I often only see on video.  In one of my last days in Oslo, a small group of us were discussing some of the things we had enjoyed the most and the least about our trip.  It was noted that the hotel showers in Oslo are quite small.
See, the bathrooms are actually wet rooms.  The showers are small, and the drain for the shower also serves as a drain for the room.  There are two curved glass doors in the corner of the room that comprise the shower and enclose the plumbing and liquid soap dispenser.  The size of the enclosure brought out nodding heads as shared mild frustration with that aspect of Norwegian hotel living.
My favorite part of this discussion, though, was when our friend, Julien, shared that he had simply propped the right shower door open to give him more room to move about when showering.  The room, after all, is a wet room and all drains to the shower drain anyway.
We all sort of looked at Julien as though he had just invented the slinky.  OF COURSE you could just prop the door open.  OF COURSE you could make more room for yourself.  OF COURSE the whole room was a wet room.  Despite all of these OF COURSES, none of the others in the group (myself included) had thought to do it.  Julien had, though, and had made his hotel experience better by thinking differently.
We do this a lot.  We do things the way we do them, because that’s how one does these things.  We are either ruled by rote or boredom or fear, but we don’t think outside the box for a better answer.  In order to succeed, we must not be normal.  We must challenge what is normal and take bold action to be different.  We must adopt a new and different perspective to solve problems in new ways.
“We must be willing to do hard things,” to quote my friend Michel.
Lastly, let me say that I had one more morning shower while in Oslo following this realization from Julien.  I propped that shower door open on the right and had a delightfully spacious shower on my last morning, and I thank Julien for the idea.
Here’s to doing things differently and creating new and exciting results!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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