Know Your Conviction

yes noIn the vein of “Let your yes be yes and your no be no,” it means everything that you live your convictions.

My chief example of this is when you go to the grocery store.  I know you’ve had this experience.  You get in line, and it seems like you’re not moving at all.  You look two aisles down, and that line just seems to be flying (Must be a younger cashier).  So, you move.  Seemingly all of a sudden, that lines stops completely.  You stand there, looking around, watching your previous line begin to fly forward.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

We’ve all done it, and it applies to far more than your line at the grocery store.  It applies to your level of commitment and resolve in most every aspect of your life.

  • To what are you committed?
  • What do you truly believe wholeheartedly?
  • What are you willing to fight for?
  • What are you willing to stand up for?

Have you ever seen that ABC show, called “What Would you Do?”  That show is probably a good litmus test for how we would (or would like to believe we would) react in many scenarios if confronted with public injustice.

Have you ever failed to take action in a social setting and felt guilty later for your reaction (or lack thereof)?  Have you had a nagging in your belly, because you didn’t help that person in need?  Most importantly, are you living a convicted life where your YES is YES and your NO is NO?  It is perfectly okay to say NO to the things that aren’t the right things for you to do.  In fact, I believe it builds trust and character when you say NO to these things.  Many of us shackle ourselves with the wrong things, because our NO comes out as a YES.  It’s problematic.

In fact, have you ever felt yourself resenting someone you’re helping, because you said YES when you should have said NO?  I’m not saying that our answer should always be NO, and I have certainly had a change of heart from saying YES when I’d rather to have said NO.  If, however, you are a serial offender and belch out YES every time you’re asked, you’re either a far better person than I am (highly likely) or you’re struggling to focus on the things that are most right for you.

The bottom line is this, though.  We each have a responsibility to know what we believe, what and whom we believe in, and what we’re willing to fight and stand up for.  It forms the basis of who we are as people, and how we stand by those convictions tells the world everything it needs to know about us.  Again, I’m not saying we forfeit the right to change our minds, but know where you stand today, and stand there.  It’s a part of who you are and how others will see you.

Pick your line and stay in it.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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