It’s Time!

timeIt’s time to say “Thank you” every day!

I’m really made hopeful by all the traffic I saw on social media leading up to this last Thanksgiving holiday.  So many people were doling out daily things that they were grateful for during the Thanksgiving season.  It was really nice, especially, as people were getting closer and closer to the actual holiday to see how granular they got with the things and people for whom they were grateful.  It seems that most everyone started with the big obvious ones and got tighter and tighter as the days wore on.

So I wondered…   {Tweet that!}

  • Is it that life gets too busy, and we just forget?  
  • Is it that we forget to shape every day by doing something intentional every morning?
  • Is it because we can pretty much fit it all in November?

It’s time we made the effort every day to remind ourselves and those around us that there is much for which we have to be grateful.  Imagine the example we can set if we approach every single day from a position of gratitude instead of entitlement, self-pity, anger, hopelessness, and the myriad of other ways that we tend to start our days that do not include gratitude.  In fact, it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to be contagious.  Here are a couple quick examples:

  • “I’m so pissed I didn’t get that promotion” becomes
  • “I’m always so tired” becomes
  • “I really hate her” becomes

The list goes on and on, and it doesn’t take much of a tweak to our perspective to get us to a place of gratitude.  In fact, by starting each day in a grateful posture, we can put ourselves in a spirit to give our thanks to others.  Maybe that’s the secret!  Maybe we need to thank someone every single day for something!

Whether it’s someone at work, a relative to whom you haven’t spoken in a while (or talk to all the time), a neighbor, or even someone at the grocery store, why don’t you just thank someone every single day?  Thanking someone every day will reinforce the truth in how well you live a life of gratitude.

Now, if you’re going to adopt a new practice or habit to be thankful and share gratitude every single day, I’d like to hear what it is.   {Tweet that}

Tomorrow Begins Today.

One thought on “It’s Time!

  1. You’re right Mike! If I have time to think something, say something, do something….then I have time to be grateful. Hope your Christmas time is going awesome! -mary

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