It’s Time To Stand On Your Desk.

Sometimes you have to just wake up different.

Our frame of mind has so much power over our moods and the way we tackle life.  Two people in similar life circumstances will get up today and make very different choices.  One person will get out of bed today and have a song in his or her head.  That person will shower up, have a bite to eat, mentally plan for the day and week with goals in mind and eager to accomplish small and large tasks throughout the week.

Another person will begrudgingly get out of bed (maybe even late), clumsily spill coffee on his or her shirt, storm out of the house with a Tasmanian cloud of smoke behind and already have started the day and week behind the eight ball.  This person is following the week already and never gave himself or herself the chance to lead the week.

It is remarkable how much a change in perspective can influence our choices, decisions, and outcomes.  I am reminded of a scene in the movie Dead Poet’s Society.  Robin Williams is encouraging his students to see life from a different perspective, and the kids (one by one) stand up on their desks (in defiance to school administrators for firing Williams’ character).  The mantra that Williams bestowed upon the kids was “Carpe Diem,” which means “Sieze the Day!”  It was an offering of encouragement that they could accomplish anything they set their minds to if they just change their perspectives and take action.

This is my challenge to you today, right now.  Stand up on your desk.  Tilt your head to one side and look at your situation from a changed angle.  Take an element of your life that has been victimizing you and harness it into the plan you have to accomplish one of your goals.  I have written before about the importance of tackling life’s challenges from a Position of Strength, and changing your perspective is critical to honoring this practice.

It’s Time To Stand On Your Desk!


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