It’s YOUR Independence Day!

This week includes the American observation of Independence Day.

It’s a great day off from work that usually includes backyard cook-outs and some pretty impressive fireworks.  As a country, we benefit greatly from our hard-earned independence.  Many of us, though, have struggled to find our independence in our personal and professional lives, so I want to share my thoughts on independence with you as I live it in my life.

Independence to me describes living a life without fear.  It means that I am free to make my own decisions.  I am free to find my convictions and stand by them regardless of what anyone else believes.  It means that I can call things as I see them.  It means that, in the end, I answer to myself, and no one else determines my destiny.  My future is in the hands of no other person than me.  I am not dependent on the whims or policies of another person to decide how much is enough for me.

I am writing my own story.  I not only have the right, but the responsibility, to decide and do what is best for me.  My happiness and prosperity are both in my care, and I accept all blame and credit for what comes to me.

Ultimately, reaching out and claiming your independence is 100% about your taking action and firmly planting your flag in the soil.  No other person on this earth has as much at stake in your future as you.

Last year, Madeline Claire Franklin wrote “Essentially, we allow ourselves to be enslaved because we are afraid of what will happen if we try to be free.”  She was definitely on to something when she described how people should break out of oppressive environments to pursue their passions.

So, stop waiting for your ship to come in.  Get off the couch, out of the funk, out of your parents’ basement, and turn that open palm upside down to grip the steering wheel.  Life is not happening to you.  It is happening because of you.  If you don’t take initiative and make something happen, life will happen despite you.

I am insanely interested in how you’re creating Independence in your life!  Talk to me!

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