“I’m Too Excited To Sleep” (5YTL)

bed clockHave you ever had one of those days where you just couldn’t wait to get out of bed?  

It reminds me of a Disney commercial a few years ago where the parents had a difficult time getting the kids to go to sleep, because they were too excited about the next day’s events.

Have you had those days?  Like the nights before a vacation you’re excited to begin, or the day before you close on a house, or even an important meeting you have scheduled, giddy anticipation is some of the best stuff.  What if we could feel that way every day?

I see so much chatter on social networking about dread, and hating Mondays, and people unhappy in their jobs, and it makes me wish we were all too excited to sleep on a regular basis.  Ask yourself what your drive is.  What is your passion?  What do you WANT to do, and where do you WANT to make a difference?

  • Is it money?  Go make it!
  • Is it sustainable change?  Go make it!
  • Is it sharing more kindness?  Go share it!

I adopted this 5YTL tag when I wrote a post about realizing that my mother had five years to live when she was my age.  Here’s that post. If you only had five years to live, would you do some things differently?  If the answer is “yes,” it’s time to do those things differently.  It’s time to be too excited to sleep and get off the couch and out of that funk and make sure your final thoughts on this earth aren’t about regret.

What will you do differently?  Please share in the comments.  Tomorrow Begins Today.


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