I Am Good Enough (5YTL)

yourgoodenough2I haven’t asked every person I know, but I suspect every one of them would answer “Yes.”  If completely honest, I imagine that every one of us would answer in the affirmative to the question:

Have you ever faced a challenge, opportunity, or obstacle and thought “I’m not good enough?”

I have certainly done that, and I have had it reinforced by other people, even my friends.  I have had people look at me with one eyebrow raised and say “You’re going to [Fill in the blank]?”  I’ve even had people say “Who do you think you are?”

You know what happens to these thoughts?  They get deeply planted into our own minds and hearts.  They get watered and fed by our own fears and insecurities.  They are more carefully nurtured than thoughts of competence or surety or even faith.  We guard these thoughts ferociously and allow them to grow strong and overtake our good thoughts and beliefs, like so many thriving weeds in our proverbial flower beds.

We allow the mistakes of our past to squelch the possibilities in our future.  We look back upon our past failures and fears and behaviors and see those as reflections of who we are today.  We can pinpoint precise moments in our past that tell us we’re not worthy of good things and don’t deserve to make a positive impact in the world.

The fact is that you are good enough.  I am good enough.  Through grace, we are all good enough to *start today*.  I’m now going to throw out an idea that I believe will get you off the couch.  This is an idea I got from Marie Forleo for how to cure the “I’m not good enough” mentality.

Quit focusing on yourself.  You know better than any other living creature all the ways you’ve failed.  You have ready access to that section of the library at the drop of a hat.  What you don’t yet know is the capacity you have to help others.  You don’t know, because you haven’t reached capacity yet!  Aim your light toward other people in the spirit of making a difference for them (instead of shining it on yourself and all your imperfections).

We’re not perfect.  We’re not meant to be perfect.  It is through our imperfection that we are able to relate to one another and draw each other into meaningful relationships.  Together, in relationship with one another, we make each other better people.  If one sliver of me makes one sliver of you better, then we’re moving in the right direction.  When that becomes contagious, we have a pebble-in-the-pond impact on the world.  We are definitely good enough to do that!

Then, when I was nearly finished writing this, I saw THIS pop up from Jon Acuff.  There must be something in the air today!

You are most definitely good enough to do good things.  Please feel free to share your good things (or the good you’ve seen in others) in the comments below! Tomorrow Begins Today.

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