Honestly? Yes, Honestly.

I witnessed a great thing recently that I want to share with you.  

A friend of mine was frustrated with some benign behaviors of another friend of ours.  Rather than confronting our other friend, she bottled up her frustrations until she reached a boiling point.  I don’t need to tell you that when we bottle up our irritation it comes out like a fire hose when we let it fly.  The beautiful thing that I witnessed later that evening was our other friend apologetically making amends by telling her that their friendship was more important than the irritation that had caused the clash.  It was awesome.

Communication is critical to healthy relationships, professional and personal.  When we talk to one another, it allows us to have healthy, honest relationships. When we talk about one another, it breaks down trust and limits opportunities for growth. Gossip is our enemy, and we do ourselves a grave injustice when we engage in it.  It is far more restorative and cleansing to confront and discuss than to allow frustrations to fester and grow.

This is not an open invitation for everyone reading to run out immediately and confront everyone who has pissed them off, but it is an encouragement to live an honest and open life with those around you.  If your partner, spouse, office mate, or neighbor is doing something that offends or otherwise bothers you, let him or her know.  Do it without an attitude.  Do it with love in your heart and let them know how you are affected by their actions.

I believe in the power of honesty and sincere communication.  It’s not always easy, and it has the potential to take us to some uncomfortable places, but it lends an authenticity to our relationships that we will otherwise lack.

I’d love to hear how YOU promote honest and constructive communication in your relationships!  Tell me!

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