Holding Out For Management?

“I can’t take that job.  It doesn’t pay enough!”

I was so frustrated, I could have eaten glass.  The truth is that the person who said this is unemployed.  After I settled down a bit, I suggested that this could be a bridge between where she was and where she wanted to be.  I also suggested that her tunnel vision was doing her no favors.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to someone about a philosophy of Dave Ramsey regarding temporary versus permanent.  In Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, he suggests getting out from under a car payment you cannot afford and driving an affordable car (affectionately referred to as a “beater”).  This frees up finances to hammer down other debts while you’re working toward a more stable financial life.  Often, people have difficulty divorcing themselves from their cars enough to realize that driving a less-than-sexy car can be a very temporary way of making money available to put to work elsewhere.

Like this example, Jon Acuff illustrates in his book, Quitter, that working your day job while pursuing your dream job is do-able and can be very satisfying on all fronts.  You do your day job to the very best of your ability to meet your current financial and career needs and work on your off hours to build the dream job you aspire to.  Everyone wins, and you get closer to the dream you want to realize.

We all have dreams, and we all want to realize those dreams, but dreams without a plan of measurable action are just… dreams.  It reminds me of the Santa Claus Is Coming To Town special we used to watch as kids.  In that stop-motion animated movie, turning from evil to good is accomplished by putting one foot in front of the other.  So it is with accomplishing our goals.

So, if you’re waiting for your ship to come in, remember that “a fast walking man is hard to beat.”  Get up.  Get out.  Get to work.  Map out your plan for achieving your goals and make sure there are steps for you TODAY.  Do something today, and tomorrow, and so on.

I would love to hear how you are taking action today toward achieving your goals.  Talk to me!

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