HELP! I Need Someone To Be Positive! (5YTL)

ShineMy Mother-In-Law says “I’m too old for sad things.”  It’s one of her reasons for not watching the sad movies.

I get it.

I don’t believe I’m too old for sad things, but I am definitely too tired of hearing negative things.  If we are to “turn on the lights in places that have grown dark,” then we need to BE a light.

I heard someone say yesterday that “Our nation is doomed and we deserve whatever happens to us,” and, aside from my disbelief and shock, I felt sad that he would say it.  It was all in response to a New York Times article discussing Internet statistics, entitled Googling for God.

I won’t even go into the article.  You can read that for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  What I do want to take issue with is the thought that we are doomed, deserving of bad things, and unredeemable.

  • You are not doomed.  You are awesome.
  • You may be broken, but you are fixable.
  • You don’t deserve bad things.  You deserve an amazing life.
  • Redemption belong to us all, and you can make different choices today than you did yesterday.  Decide and do it.

I am making it a point to shine light, and I invite you to do the same.  If we lift each other up, our collective boat is higher, and that is good.  

  • So, when the urge comes to me to make a snap judgment on someone, I will wait.  I will find something positive instead.  
  • When I hear or read something negative, I will make it a point to specifically put something positive out there.  
  • When I catch myself emotionally responding in an old, negative way, I will remember that my words matter, and I can choose to shine a light today instead of adding to darkness.

What are you doing today to lift up and shine a light?  Tomorrow Begins Today.

One thought on “HELP! I Need Someone To Be Positive! (5YTL)

  1. Mike, sorry the comment put you in a negative spot. The point I made yesterday regarding the article was more about integrity than anything else. Unless we recover our integrity, whether as individuals or as a nation, why should we believe good things are due us? I see no reason to believe that our violence, greed, drug addiction, or apathy will bring about anything more than a compounding of our suffering.

    Perhaps you would have felt better about it had the wording been, “The dissolving of our integrity as a people will be our doom and without change.” The verse from Psalms I thought kind of spoke for itself — “My integrity preserves me.” Without it, how is one preserved?

    I get staying positive, really I do. But there is no such thing as redemption without a change of direction. Obviously I believe in change, or I wouldn’t have included a list of practical (and positive) steps for restoring integrity, which if we’re going to be fair should be included by the negative statement.

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