Happiness Is A Choice.

When my mother was living, we used to have this conversation frequently.

I have always had a strong belief that our happiness depends a great deal on our desire to be so.  We have all known folks who seem to relish in a state of persistent unhappiness.  No matter how hard you may try, some people insist on dwelling in a negative state.  It makes no sense to me.

I realize that there are clinical diagnoses for the depression that some experience, and there are methods and medications that are especially developed to manage these conditions for those who suffer.  As a community, though, it seems that there is a trend toward an assumption that we are broken and need to be medicated in order to be happy.  Someone recently joked with me about the assertion that it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile.  His joke was that it takes even fewer to just smirk.  While that may be true (and it truly was simply a joke), I believe it is less about the muscle exertion and more about our frame of mind.

We have a lot of power to influence our own moods and those of others.  There are constant opportunities available to us each and every day to choose to be happy.  Our ability to respond to life events in positive ways is powerful.  Our positive perspective is contagious and makes us leaders among those around us.  People follow individuals who take significant struggles and turn them into challenges to our happiness.  When we firmly grip potential negative situations and whip them into positive outcomes, we demonstrate for others that we have power over our results.

Take a leadership role.  Set an example for those around you of what a chosen happy life can be.  Show the people in your life that your commitment to happiness does not depend on outside contributors.  Make it part of your daily affirmation to be happy and have a positive impact on the people in your life.

Happiness is a choice.  What will you choose?

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