“Hey, Man, You Got A Light?”

lightYou definitely do!  Now…  What to do with it…..

Each of us is imbued with our own unique light to shine in the world.  We are each given a perfectly unique gift and are tasked with the honor of finding the finest way to share it.  It is in the sharing of those gifts with one another that we enrich each others’ lives.  It is in the sharing of those gifts, too, that we define ourselves as friends, spouses, family members, coworkers, etc.

Sometimes we find ourselves projecting less than our finest light onto others.  Sometimes we find that we’re casting a shadow onto the world instead of shining our light on it.  We find that we’re eclipsing instead of shining, and that can change a lot of dynamics in our lives and relationships.  I’m guilty of it, and it’s not my best side by a long shot.  I have a cynical overlay that colors my attitudes many times.  Masked as humor, it can definitely draw a laugh, but it doesn’t in any way look like the best foot I’d prefer to put forward.  There are a lot of reasons that we impose darkness instead of light like:

  • Sometimes we eclipse others, because we’re insecure and need to feel more confident.  
  • Sometimes we do it,because we’re jealous and don’t know what to do with covetous feelings.  
  • Sometimes we eclipse, because we’re hurting and don’t know how to ask for what we need.

No matter what takes us to this place, we have the power to change it in an instant and, in doing so, move ourselves to a better posture.  Let’s make a deal this week.  Starting this week, whenever we find ourselves casting a shadow instead of our light, we’re going to stop, take five seconds, and reverse our thinking.  If we’re making a negative comment about someone, we’re going to shine a light on them instead.  If we’re being critical of someone’s behavior, we’re going to compliment a positive behavior of theirs.  If we’re criticizing someone’s skills, we’re going to point out a positive skill that they have.

At the end of each day this week, we’ll write down each of the instances where we intentionally reversed our thinking.  This is going to make these reversals permanent and record them for posterity.  In addition to capturing the reversals, we’re also going to record how the reversals made us feel.  Hey, let’s be honest.  It won’t always be rosy, because sometimes we’re just pissed at someone!   No matter, stick to our deal for the week.  At the end of the week, we’ll review all of these events as a whole and see how it changes us.  Then we’ll decide if we want to take on the next week in the same way.

I’d love to hear how your week goes.  Please feel free to share in comments below or private email.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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