Five Years To Live (5YTL)

5 yearsLater this month, I will celebrate a birthday.  

It has occurred to me lately that my mother celebrated this same birthday five years before she died.  As the truth of that has sunk in over the last few weeks, I began to imagine what my mom might have done differently if she had known that she had five years to live.

So, here I am, not knowing the eventual length of my own life but believing it a good idea to look at my life, my relationships, my contributions, and my legacy in terms of having only five years to live.  The question I pose to myself is the one I have now imposed on my mother.   (Tweet that)

In the coming weeks and months, it is my intention to write about the things I’d like to see, feel, and otherwise experience differently with this hypothetical looming deadline ahead of me.  I want to reimagine my responses to life, people, circumstances, and even challenges through new lenses.  In fact, I challenge you to do something similar as well.  Life is short at best, and we certainly have no guarantees of tenure.  Shouldn’t we all look at each day as an opportunity to do something amazing and impactful?

I’m here with the ability to share my thoughts and share my stories with you.  I hope and trust that you will also take advantage of this opportunity to share your stories.  I commit to share any stories with this online community.  Please feel free to share, either publicly or privately, your stories of renewed sense of purpose and how you are living your last five years differently.

“What if you don’t die in five years?” you may ask.  Great!  Then I get to start this project all over again and decide what my next last five years to live will look like!

Anyone care to live my last five years out with me?  Tomorrow Begins Today.

4 thoughts on “Five Years To Live (5YTL)

  1. I will! My goal is to learn how to relax so I can make it even the five years. Even when my body is at rest, my mind is churning – trying to cover every angle and every detail. It’s an illness that I want to make eliminating my five year goal! — Check that, my five week goal!

    1. I totally get it, David! I wonder who has this down? I’d love to know. I will say I have a couple of ways that I use to get out of my head, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on that with you.

  2. I will too! I will try to think ahead and ‘reimagine’ ways to be helpful in hopes of creating a better life and a better quality of life for me and for the people who love and care about me. Thanks Mike. You are loved and appreciated.

    1. …and I know that you will, Mary! You are such an inspiration already. I can’t wait to see the fruits of your resolve to think ahead and do it even better! You’re a true leader in survival, compassion, and pouring out love into the world. As you said recently, that’s how we make room for more love to enter! Love you, Mary!

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