Finding Your Natural Swing (5YTL)

Painting by David O'Keefe
Painting by David O’Keefe

You don’t have to play golf to understand the comfortable feeling of experiencing your natural swing.  In golf specifically, our natural swing refers to a balanced, comfortable golf swing that looks effortless and like something your body is meant to do.

Full disclosure, I am an awful golfer.  Don’t take my word for it!  Ask literally anyone who has ever been on a golf course with me.  I am inconsistent, inaccurate, and haven’t poured the discipline into the game that results in an even mediocre golf game.  There!  I got those requests for golf tips off the table!

That said, I have swung a club a few times and hit the ball using my natural swing.  It has happened only a few times, and it is one of the best feelings.  It’s like one of those serendipitous moments in your life where everything lined up to make something go off absolutely according to plan.  It’s almost magical.

Are you swinging with your natural swing?  Is the place you are in today a place that lets you take your natural swing and feel that Ahhhh… moment when you know you’re doing it right?

I’ve been in situations, jobs, relationships, and certain social situations when I was not even close to my natural swing.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  It’s that awkwardness that makes you feel like your skin is twitching.  Nothing about you feels right.  You have that constant fear that you’re in the wrong place, and you feel trapped by circumstance.  Every single thing/word/thought feels like a chore.

Take a deep breath.  It is going to be okay.  

We all have a natural swing.  It’s there.  It’s a matter of finding where your unique talents need to be plugged in.  Think about the things in your life that bring you deep satisfaction. Think about the feeling you get when you do that thing that you do so well, and it seems so effortless.

Let’s take an inventory:


We’ll start with the things in your life.  Are the things you surround yourself with the things that bring you satisfaction?  Is there a lot of clutter that needs tidying up?  Have you held on to some things that could be better used by someone else instead of “stored” by you?

Next let’s look at responsibilities.  Does the work that you do give you the satisfaction you want?  Are you doing work that makes you feel good?  Is it the type of work that allows you to make a difference for yourself, others, and your family?  No job is perfect, but is yours the type of job that works with your natural swing?

Finally, let’s look at people.  Have you included people in your life that allow your natural swing to flourish?  Are you investing in them and allowing them to reciprocate?  The people you include in your life can help you identify your natural swing and can help to hold you accountable to your choices.

Whatever your natural swing is (and I am glad that it’s different for each of us),  you owe it to yourself to hone it and experience it more often.  Whether your natural swing is helping, cooking, selling, managing, stocking shelves, preaching, or embalming you know what feels natural and deeply satisfying to you. It is that thing that deserves your attention and investment.

It’s your game.  Time to swing for the fences (Yes, I know that is a completely different sport)!  Tomorrow Begins Today.


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