Eye On The Prize

chipIt’s a cliche, and it’s never been more critical.

It’s so easy for us to lose sight of our goals and to forget to do something every day that furthers our dreams.  Perhaps that’s why so many folks are insistent that we write our goals down on paper.  It’s the first of the year, and the resolution suggestions are everywhere!  Let’s take a look at HOW we’re going to make something happen beginning today:

I suggest that everyone have a long-term project to which they can default when they find down time in any given day.  This project is meant to keep people from getting lost in the Facebook trap (Feel free to substitute your vice for Facebook, i.e., Google, YouTube, Candy Crush, etc.).  No one is exempt from the temptation to “peek.”  You know what?  A peek is fine, but it’s somewhat like trying to eat one Lay’s potato chip.  The temptation is too great to dig deeper and deeper and get lost.  Large chunks of time are lost as is the opportunity to do something productive with that time.  Gone.

In addition to writing down your goals, I want you to write down the steps you’ll take to achieve them.  It’s like a treasure map you’ll draw for yourself, and your GOAL is the GOLD.  I wrote a piece some time back entitled Interview With Myself.  In this, I suggested that we take a trip into the future and interview our future self on how we achieved our goals.  Today, I’m suggesting that  we do something similar.  Let’s start with the goal.  Write it down (I’ll wait).

Now that your goal is committed to paper, it’s real.  It has a name, and you’ve given it.  Now let’s back away from it and look at the steps we’ll take to get to it.  Write those down.

Now each step is alive, and we’ve committed to those by putting them in writing.  Outstanding!  Now, let’s get granular and write every task necessary for us to realize each one of the steps in our goal journey.  Don’t leave a single thing out.   {Tweet That!}

I want you to keep this map close to you at all times.  Whether you use an electronic device to build it, a nice Moleskin notebook, or just a humble sheet of notebook paper.  This needs to be with you at all times.  Keep it in your pocket, your smartphone, your Bible, or tattooed on your belly (Remember:  Tattoo upside down so you can read it).  This is where you’re going to go when the temptation is great for potato chips.  Don’t even open the bag.  Go straight to your map and pick off the next step.  Heck, feel free to jump around.  If there are tasks you can complete on your map that are out of order, no big deal!  They have to get done, so DO THEM!

Warning:  Don’t get too distracted jumping around on your list that you use it as its own excuse not to do work.  Some things on your list are harder, and you’ll want to work around them and avoid doing them.    Keep yourself in check.  If you’re avoiding a particular task, hold yourself accountable.  The feeling of accomplishment with these is always far greater than the easier stuff.  DO IT.

Every single day presents an opportunity to get one step closer to your goal.  Don’t waste a single day, and don’t skip any chance to build toward your goal. Not one.

Do you need some help with your goal?  Is it time for a New Start?  Feel free to click “New Start Agreement” above to get started today!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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