Don’t Be A Jerk (5YTL)

60F31FB5-0D6B-4933-99C6-69A2E203921B.pngWe’ve all known these people.  

He or she is just too important to meet or talk with you.  If you do get the opportunity to actually meet or talk with him or her, they are condescending and possibly abusive.

Even worse, you might be one of these people.  Tsk…Tsk…  My best advice to you is that you keep reading and change immediately.

I like to advise folks that these are just people.  Sometimes we let fear from past experience cripple us from approaching people.  Just because someone has treated us poorly in the past doesn’t mean that they’re destined to do so in the future.  In fact, pushing through fear to treat someone as a person has served me well in many instances.  People like being treated as people, even as equals!

If you find that you’re up against an egoist, and it seems like they are completely unapproachable, there are a couple of things you can do to change the conversation and put yourself on more solid footing.  Let’s look at a couple of those now:

  • Imagine them at their own birthday party.
  • Imagine how they feel about their greatest insecurities.
  • Imagine how you can help them grow through and beyond their greatest weaknesses.

We all have kernels of fear and insecurity that cause us to behave defensively. Sometimes, we put up walls in our insecurity that make us less approachable.  Sometimes, we’re inundated with people looking to take from us and failing to bring value to us.  If you were constantly barraged by people who only wanted to take from you, you might also build up a resistance and skepticism to newcomers.

The truth is that we are all people, and we cannot help but bring our full experience to our daily interactions.  Remembering that we are all just people can go a long way toward allowing us to connect in meaningful ways with each other.

Don’t let fear derail your success.  If you can recognize the humanity in the people you’re dealing with, you can leverage that humanity into a meaningful relationship.  When we’re working with people inside meaningful relationships, we can accomplish great things together.

So, don’t be afraid.  Make the call.  Introduce yourself.  Extend your hand.  Say hello.  We’re all just people.  In truth, we all just want to be treated like people.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were more interested in each other as people and less about what we could get from each other?  

I’ve heard it said that people do business with people.  Let’s prove it.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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