Does Anyone Read This? (5YTL)

questionI have days where this is my nagging question.

As I read and research online, the message that repeats over and over is that a good writer knows two things:

  1. Write things that are relevant to your readers.
  2. Write without obsessing over whether anyone is reading.

On the first topic, it can be difficult to know what one’s readers want to read.  I write things that are based on my personal experience and about which I am passionate.  Without surveying the folks who read my blog, it’s difficult for me know about what types of topics people want to read.  I get mixed reviews on lots of posts that I write.  Some people prefer to read more about personal development.  Some prefer more business-oriented topics about improved efficiency or workplace cohesion.  Some people have told me that they enjoy it when I share personal stories.  It’s all over the map (INPUT IS ALWAYS WELCOME, HERE, BY THE WAY).

On the second topic, it is difficult to write without regard to whether people are reading my work.  Honestly, I’m writing to be read.  I want people to have some idea of who I am and what’s in my head.  I’m sharing my life with a lot of people, and my assumption is that they’re reading it for a reason.  Hats off here to my Grandmother, who faithfully reads my posts and often likes or comments on them.    It’s almost as though people vote with their likes, re-posts, shares, and comments.  When the feedback is light, I tend to imagine the appreciation for my work is also light.

That said, I have committed to writing.  It is important to me that I get my thoughts down “in ink.”  It is important that I organize my thoughts in such a way as to fully consider my position on certain topics.  It is important that I share lessons I have learned in my life in hopes that at least one other person in the world can learn just one thing the “easy way.”  It is important that I open my mind, pull out my convictions, wrestle around with them, re-prioritize them, re-write them, and share them with you.

My hope is that any of this makes sense.  My hope is that this is being read.  My hope is that my work is worthy of being read and that it makes a difference.

Soon, I’ll be sending out a survey to my subscribers to gather some information that may inform future writings.  If you’re reading this and are not subscribed, I hope you’ll consider subscribing so I can hear what you have to say.  Just enter your email address at the upper left area on my page.

 My hope is that you’ll tell me what you want to hear about so we can unravel these mysteries together.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

3 thoughts on “Does Anyone Read This? (5YTL)

  1. Yes! I read them. Most of them anyway. I like it just the way it is…. Some personal stories, business topics, and personal development. I am always eager to see what is on your mind this time! Keeps my coming back for more….

  2. Yes I read them. Since I’m not really a business person I especially like the personal reflections and stories. Thank you for staying with it.

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