Do You Need Help?

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Sometimes we just need a little help!

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions and doing things like you always have and wondering, after doing this for so long, why is the product of my work no better than it used to be?  We live in an age where information is available to us nearly immediately.  If you compare the rate of information travel to just ten year ago, we have access to information so much faster, it’s dizzying.

That said, with information traveling so much faster, we’re finding ourselves managing and organizing a lot more information at one time than we ever could have imagined ten years ago.  The pace of life has revved up faster than ever before, and we are challenged to meet that pace and continue to be at least as productive as we used to be.

A friend told me recently that she felt that the pace of growth in technology was outrunning her.  She felt that she had so much on her plate, that she was losing her mind trying to keep up with it.

I believe that we are here on this earth to support and nurture each other.  It really is not a race to the finish.  Instead it is a daily opportunity to make a difference in each others’ lives.  Are you carrying too much?  Does it feel like there’s more to be done than you can do?

Perhaps it’s time to ask for help.  Perhaps there is someone you already know that’s just waiting to help you.  Look around.  Who are the people that you trust?  We’ve talked before about our CPIs (Critical Points of Intersection).  Revisit that list.

If you give someone the gift of allowing them to help you, you help them realize their greater potential, and you have the added benefit of getting more things checked off that growing list of yours.

Where do you need help?

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