Why Are You A Coach?

In a recent conversation, a friend asked me why I decided to formally become a coach.  Since I recently decided to share with you why I decided to write, I thought I’d work through my decision to coach with you, since the two relate to one another.

When I wrote my piece called “Why Are You Writing This?” I noted that one of the realizations I came to was “I must find a way to legitimately talk with people who are ‘stuck’ and help motivate them to uncover their strengths and move forward toward realizing their true potential.”  When I talked with friends in the mental health profession, I learned that there are a number of people who are less in need of therapy and, to a far greater extent, in definite need of a coach.  My friend, Christopher O’Hearn, wrote recently on his blog, Strongwithin, that  “The greatest treasures of our time are not the immense riches of this world but the intrinsic simple golden tokens already within us.”  I agree completely and believe that helping each other *find* our truths is critical to moving forward and remaining unstuck.

What does that mean?  A coaching relationship differs from a therapy relationship in a number of ways (Disclaimer: Many therapists that I know include coaching techniques in their practices, so the lines of division may be less defined for some).  Here are some fundamental elements of a coaching relationship:

  • I am a Certified Professional Coach, and our mutual goal is for you to arrive at goals based on your unique experiences and talents.
  • The cadence and tone of our sessions is based upon your personal style of communication.
  • Your goals are just that.  They are your goals, and the action steps that we identify will be based upon those things you want to accomplish in your life.
  • Our time together is not perpetual.  We want to get to the heart of where you are and propel you toward the success you are meant to achieve.

I am passionate about coaching.  Over several years, I have had the privilege to coach people from all walks of life.  I have had the opportunity to work with people who are in business leadership roles, military service, personal services, sales roles, healthcare roles, IT services, college students, and many other capacities.  In every case, I have been amazed at the power of the human spirit and the ability of people to move from stuck to unstuck and achieve great things in their lives.  

Coaching is important to me.  It speaks to a sense of community and our ability to support one another.  It is my passion, and I appreciate your taking the time to better understand my motivation.

Are you a coach or do you know/have one?  I’d love to hear what that means in your life!

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