Do Stuff That Matters (5YTL)

MatterNo matter what, it is important to do things that matter.

We get drawn in to things, activities, web pages, and even recreational activities that don’t matter.  They don’t move us forward.  They slowly, minute by minute, consume our lives.

We are meant to accomplish great things in our lives.  We are meant to impact each other in community and have a good and positive effect on each other. We are meant to create sustainable results in our work and home lives.

The difference between who you are today and you will become is what you do.  The actions you take and the choices you make will be the determining factors in who you are tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so-on.  Life isn’t happening to you.  It is happening because of you.  Life is shaped by how you choose to invest it.  Are you investing wisely in your life and the legacy you hope and plan to leave behind?

We need to invest in each other.  We need to invest in the projects that move us forward.  We need to invest in work that is meaningful and propels us to greater heights.  If we allow ourselves to be distracted by things that don’t matter, we risk losing critical opportunities to do the good stuff, the right stuff.

Let’s stay focused on the right things and experience the success that comes with Doing Things That Matter.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

 What will you change today?

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