I Want A Do Over!

SurferDogAnyone remember that from your childhood?  

We all have the capacity to start over.  You may reflect on a Phoenix rising from its own ashes.  You may recount stories of time served and the sweet freedom that comes with release.  You may even speak directly from the perspective of one who has narrowly escaped death and lived to tell others about that experience.  You may have your own private reflections that equate to resurrection, and your privacy is safe here.

However you see rebirth in your life, it is possible.  When we accept something limiting as truth, we drive home a message to ourselves and others that we are, in fact, not limitless and that there are tethers that disallow us from reaching our greatness.  You see, we have been and will be reborn in many ways throughout our lifetimes.  It is through acceptance of this rebirth that we can:

  • Anticipate change:  For many, change evokes feelings of fear.  It is often fear of things unknown to us, and it can be crippling.  If, however, you are an agent of change, and you anticipate change and the good that can come from it, there is a lot less fear.  Be a leader in change and see how much more empowered you are in a climate of change.
  • Embrace change:  Change equals growth.  We must learn to adapt.  Let’s face it.  Some days you can feel like a dog trying to stand up in the back of a moving truck.  The absence of foresight can leave us struggling to find our balance in a situation that is shifting and turning.  We must learn to surf the waves of change and how we can best stay on top of it.  Having moved from the visual of a dog to a surfer (because, who really wants to be called a dog?), I’ll point out that if change is represented in waves, a surf board is useless without it.
  • Share your change with others:  As you change and move closer to becoming what your best self is, you must share that change with others.  Your friends and family deserve to know how your change has moved you in your best direction.  It is through that example that the fear that others feel about change can transform into ownership and power for them.  Share your journey and see how your change can ripple out and impact others.

In this season of sacrifice, crucifixion, and resurrection, we honor, acknowledge, and celebrate so much, and my hope for each of us is that we see that change is possible.  If your particular situation doesn’t fuel your passion or create fulfillment, you have the permission and capacity to change.  Remember to do something every day that moves you in that direction.

I would love to hear from you about your “Do Over” and the lessons you’ve learned from it.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

2 thoughts on “I Want A Do Over!

  1. Hi Mike! Sometimes “do overs” can be scary. I’m in the process of changing careers and the anticipation is a little overwhelming but I’m embracing Faith and I feel I am doing what I am supposed to do. Keep teaching me. Keep helping me. Keep in your prayers….love,m

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