Customer isn’t always right

A friend spelled it out very well for me the other day.  If you just buy the product, it costs less than buying the product and getting me with it.

Customer relationship

We are at an interesting place where many seem to have forgotten that service comes at a price.  I realize that there are some products that I buy via the Internet, because I can save some money.  I accept, though, when I do that I will receive a box at my door.  I don’t expect concierge service with that box.  I expect that I am accepting the manufacturer’s warranty with that product, and I expect no more.

I’ve talked with a myriad of people in the last few months who don’t seem to understand that high-touch service comes with a price.  If we expect our service providers to prioritize us as customers, then we must be willing to pay a fair price to fund that service.

If you are a customer, and you appreciate the service that your provider delivers, then you must be willing to pay a premium for that service.  Don’t resent paying more.  Applaud the fact that your business partner is proud to offer outstanding service and is able to do so, because you are willing to pay for it.

If you are a provider, and you deliver outstanding service, refuse to discount what you deliver.  The only way you can afford to offer exemplary service is to charge for it.  When you deliver outstanding service, you’re placing yourself in a category that differentiates your product from those who are just selling a box.  It costs less to ship a box that to bundle that box with your services.  Your customers need to understand that, and it is your job to educate them, and that education can be as simple as what my friend said…

“If you just buy the product, it costs less than buying the product and getting me with it.”

Great service costs money.

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